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What’s this about an Education Exchange?

We’re surrounded by interesting people doing interesting things, which is a nice place to be. We speak to educators – hailing from the universities, colleges and schools, the evening classes, informal workshops and skills-based sessions. We talk to the learners – people young and old, some who quit school at 16 or before, some who went on to do degrees, some who don’t see education as something that happens in a classroom. What unites these people? A desire to learn and to share knowledge. But as yet we don’t have an effective way to link up the learners with the educators, and to make learning accessible for people whatever their background and needs.

Job opportunity: Oasis Assistant Garden Manager

Oasis is a garden for wellbeing project. We provide opportunities for people who have experienced mental health issue to develop their gardening skills, grow food, enjoy being outdoors and connect with others. We are seeking someone with previous gardening experience to come and join the Oasis team.

As Assistant Garden Manager you will lead on the delivery of our garden maintenance service and contractual work. You will work alongside the Oasis Manager to provide gardening sessions at our project garden. You will support volunteers and Oasis attendees to develop their skills and build their interest in food growing.

Submissions open! CAST’s exhibition A Door to Somewhere

It’s on! We’re pleased to announce submissions are now open for CAST’s exhibition, A Door to Somewhere  (which is the brilliant theme chosen by our community).

So what happens next? If you’d like to take part, please read the submission guidelines, and let us know if you’d like to submit something by emailing us at castexhibition@sheffieldflourish.co.uk. We’re also looking for postcard artwork, have a look at the submission guidelines to find out more!

Sam Dawson: the Brunsmeer Awareness story so far

Brunsmeer Awareness FC is a community enterprise supported by Sheffield Flourish. It provides an opportunity for people living with mental health conditions to participate in organised, competitive team sport in a friendly supportive environment. We are fortunate to work with a number of partners, all of whom bring invaluable expertise and guidance.

Sheffield Flourish honoured as one of Lord Mayor’s charities

Sheffield Flourish were delighted to be honoured as one of Lord Mayor Magid Magid’s three charities for his term in office this year, sharing the limelight with the excellent Sheffield Women’s Counselling and Therapy Service and Unity Gym Project.

At his inauguration attendees, including Josie and Jo from Sheffield Flourish, were given a snapshot of his life. Speakers charted his journey from arriving in Sheffield as a five-year-old refugee to Councillor for Broomhill and Sharrow Vale Ward and the youngest Lord Mayor of Sheffield.

Campaigns for change: call for ideas

campaign bootcamp logo

We’re launching a new project in partnership with Campaign Bootcamp. Campaign Bootcamp are a renowned national organisation who provide first class training and coaching for grassroots campaigners, and their community includes many people working on mental health issues.

They want to help people who care about mental health get their voices heard in Sheffield and the surrounding areas, and we’d like to help them. So, we’re looking for campaigns ideas which can go far. Those selected will be given bespoke and practical training sessions by Campaign Bootcamp to help make change happen.

A big, warm, beaming thank you!


We’re smiling ear to ear this week, because our little charity has been honoured with a fundraising drive that raised us £500. It made us so pleased we decided we wanted to reflect and give thanks to some of the lovely people who have supported us over the last few years. We’re a really small organisation, so every little bit of cash makes a huge difference to us, thank you everyone!

Education and mental health: Conversation Cafe

We are part of a group of individuals and organisations in the city keen to put our energy and creativity into an ‘education exchange’ for Sheffield. We’re delighted to be opening the conversation up, with a ‘conversation cafe’.

Come and join the conversation on developing Sheffield’s new mental health Education Exchange. The agenda’s free, anyone’s welcome, and diverse opinions are encouraged.

CAST are looking for an exhibition curator

CAST’s exhibition is an annual event where talented artists from across the city who have experienced mental health issues put their work on show. This year they’re looking for someone to help plan and run the week-long exhibition.

We’re looking for someone with creative flair and experience to curate and manage the show, as well as help plan and coordinate in the weeks and months leading up.

Vote for CAST’s next exhibition theme

exhibition in Winter Gardens

CAST, the creative arts support team who run weekly art and creative writing groups, also run a fantastic annual exhibition. Each year they choose a theme, and then invite the public to submit their work to the exhibition for display. This year CAST are asking the public to help them choose from four theme ideas for the exhibition. Please vote for the idea you most like below, voting closes on April 23rd.

Sheffield Flourish is looking for a new Team Administrator!

Award winning Sheffield Flourish has come a long way in five years. Over 11,000 people have visited our digital wellbeing hub since its launch in 2017. Our volunteers support a diverse range of grassroots community activities from digital inclusion to arts and gardening. Sheffield Flourish is dedicated to supporting people with mental health conditions to build the lives they wish through solidarity and the exchange of skills, knowledge and friendship.

Sheffield Flourish honoured to win New NHS Alliance Award

NHS Alliance logo

On December 6th we were honoured to win the New NHS Alliance’s Excellence in Health Creation Award for ‘Getting Our 5-a-day’. It was a real achievement for our community, and fantastic to be recognised by this organisation.

The New NHS Alliance describes itself as ‘a values-led movement of people and organisations committed to building a sustainable, community-based health service’. In 2017 they launched their ‘Manifesto for Health Creation’, which detailed the ‘five features of health creating practice’