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    About us

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    “Flourish is a breath of fresh air”

    The early days

    Our charity was founded in 2012 by a group of people with a shared ambition to make a difference to mental health in Sheffield. These board members all had experience of mental health difficulties and distress – through life and work – which helped them to recognise the massive untapped potential of local people. They wanted to create an organisation which would make the most of this potential, valuing the knowledge, ideas, and skills of our community.


    There was already plenty happening in the city in 2012. With support from Sheffield Health and Social Care, our charity was founded under the name, Recovery Enterprises. We began by bringing two existing enterprises – Oasis and CAST – under our wing. Along the way we’ve also welcomed Brunsmeer Awareness FC, Open Door Music, and Connected Worlds. We also partnered with Sheffield and Hallamshire FA to run an inclusive football league.

    Developing digitally

    In 2015 our board started talking about creating a digital hub to bring together people experiencing mental health issues in the city. They decided to speak to the community, and we ran a series of coproduction workshops, eventually growing the project based on what our community told us they wanted.

    Becoming Sheffield Flourish

    The Sheffield Flourish website was launched in July 2016. Building on the site’s success, we changed our charity’s working name to Sheffield Flourish. In 2017 we started delivering the Sheffield Mental Health Guide, an information and signposting website. Developing techniques used during the Sheffield Flourish website build, which coproduced the new Guide from the ground up.


    Coproduction continues to be at our core. People with lived experience of mental health difficulties and distress are involved with our organisation at every level; from our board and facilitators, to staff and volunteers.

    Our values:

    • We stand for hope and positive change
    • We engage critically and constructively with key issues in mental health
    • We are realistic about the barriers and exclusions which people living with mental health conditions have to face
    • We strive to be inclusive and respectful
    • We value the knowledge, ideas, and skills of people living with mental health conditions
    • We are innovative and creative


    Our policies are available on request. If you have any issues please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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