Rosie: In Fancy Dress

Rosie tells of her time through lockdown, and her sense of needing to pretend everything was okay just to function and for everyone else to be okay.

Rosie: In Fancy Dress

‘In Fancy Dress’ was written during lockdown. The lyrics convey feelings of inadequacy and overwhelm felt during this time.

“I am a psychotherapist, and was providing online therapy to children and young people, whilst trying to maintain my own mental health, and that of my own two children and husband at home. I felt an incredible amount of pressure and felt like I needed to pretend that everything was okay some of the time just to function. There was a sense of needing to be okay for everyone else to be okay and that was hard.”

This is an originally devised video, starring the incredible Joanna Swain, who is the sister of the guitarist in the band.

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