NA: Who I Am

Who we are and what matters to us is often defined by what happens to us when we’re small. In this story NA charts how she was born as the least desirable gender in her family, and how she turned her gender and experiences into strengths as she grew older.

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I am a very confident lady, but my childhood has made me who I am. When I was a child I always thought I wasn’t useful, because when I was being brought up the perception about daughters wasn’t right. When I was a child people surrounding me didn’t like when daughters were born, but when a boy was born they’d feel secure.

I know mum loved me, but if she had to compare between her son and her daughter, she’s choose her son because she thinks a son can look after her better. But she is wrong. I respect her thinking, but I don’t agree with her.

My dad has always supported me like a daughter. He told me: “Whatever you do in your life, I will be with you”.

This kind of life made me compare myself with boys always, even till now. If somebody says to me that “girls can’t do this” I will be the one to prove that they are wrong. The perception in society about women is very wrong, and this has made me a fighter since I was a child.

When I was a child I didn’t like it when boys put me down. I would think when they never treated me fair that I am not like this. By being positive I would always be the winner and work hard to be on top. Now I am always the first to help when people are not being fair with women.

People call me a feminist, I am not a feminist, but I always stand beside women who have been abused or not treated fairly.

In the end, I just want to say that women are not weaker than men. If you compare them physically, then yes, but for bearing pain and for strong minds, they are way stronger than men.

Now I have learned through my life experiences that if no one is by your side and the world is against you there is one hope, one light somewhere inside you. You just need to follow that light and then there will be new day like a sunrise, which will be the hope for you, and you will battle and win.

NA charts her journey through life in this picture, from an unwanted girl to someone who has achieved lots of things.

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