Andy at Project 6

This story has a trigger warning

Last year Sheffield Flourish visited Project 6 to hear the stories of the people there. We were really appreciative of how everyone opened up, and spoke their true story. Here is Andy's story. Trigger Warning: Brief mention of suicidal thoughts. 

Andy at Project 6

We heard some themes running throughout what everyone said to us about project 6; about finding your place, a supporting friend group, people who understand you. Addiction was often linked to isolation, loneliness or lack of support, and Project 6 provided purpose, a supportive social connection, and a welcoming group. 

Project 6 is a drug and alcohol charity working across Yorkshire. they offer services for people experiencing challenges connected to drug and alcohol use. They are a harm-reduction and recovery focused service, working to help people reduce the risks associated with substance use.

Here Andy tells us his story.

This is the first of a series of stories from Project 6 with more to follow.

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