Alice Grenville: Rocking all over the wards!

The band playing

Open Door Music brought music to the mental health wards of Sheffield as part of Sheffield Health and Social Care Arts Festival. Millions Like Us (the band formed through Open Door Music), solo artists Fat Cadillac and Mick, and band The Runaways played sets at Maple Ward, Stanage and Burbage Occupational Therapy department and Forest Close.

There was dancing at Stanage/Burbage Occupational Therapy department and feedback from attendees from all sessions was that they enjoyed it. The power that music can have is nicely demonstrated by an observation made by Richard Davies (Occupational Therapist at Maple Ward) about one individual who attended:

“I can say that music has been really important for her in this admission and I’ve been working with her a lot through music that she values. She finds familiar music grounding and she loves to sing along to familiar songs. She stayed throughout the whole afternoon, smiling, chatting and transferring the music into sweeps with a blue highlighter pen. She has told me that she loves to draw music.”

Thanks to Open Door Music and the Occupational Therapists that helped make this happen. Check out the photos of the artists below!

Open Door Music (a Sheffield Flourish Enterprise) is a mental health friendly group where people get together to jam, socialise, build friendships and pursue musical ambitions. All instruments and equipment are provided, and everyone is welcome to our sessions (the door is always open!). Details of when and where the sessions take place are on the Sheffield Mental Health Guide website.

Open Door Music also run a music production group where people get together to produce music, socialise, and build friendships. Everyone is welcome at the group, whether you are a complete beginner or experienced in producing music. We’ve got plenty of studio equipment and there is lots of support from staff and volunteers to get you started. Details of when and where the sessions take place are on the Sheffield Mental Health Guide website.

Alice Grenville

Rocking out on the wards
Singing along
Fat Cadillac singing

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