Match Report (friendly): Brunsmeer Awareness FC vs Northlands CMHT (Staff)

The team with dogs

It was a cold and miserable afternoon in October. Brunsmeer were kitted out in their classic red and black stripes; staff in a shabby array of different clothing, suitable and unsuitable.  The two sides had not played each other and  Brunsmeer were very much looking forward to beating the staff, which was pretty much guaranteed even before the kick off. The match was delayed due to staff lateness, and using non genuine excuses to not play, ‘the ball is hard’, ‘I don’t want to break my ankle’, ‘I don’t play football’, ‘I haven’t got a kit’, and those unable to be released from their work duties, ie staff needing to attend to client needs.

The staff ‘team’ were a mismash of nurses, OTs and support workers. Also they recruited any passing footballer to join them.

There was no half time break and no oranges. Staff were exhausted, but Brunsmeer were keen to keep playing.

Brunsmeer won with scoring the most goals, running faster, passing better, tackling better, shooting at goal better. Staff tried their best, but will need to field a better team next time to make it a reasonable match!

Staff can’t actually ‘remember’ the final score, it was too embarrassing.

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