Sheffield Seven Hills AFC

In 2022 just days before the start of a new football league season our team was disbanded.

The team we were, was created to support mental health, promote exercise, raise awareness of shared issues and raise money for charity… a cause all the players were behind. Stopping the team would have a negative impact on players and the community.

So a new team was born… With Sheffield having seven hills, just like Rome, it was agreed we’d take our identity from this.

The hills represent the constant challenges thrown at us in life, and the club that constant good, the thing helping us through it. 

After 2 weeks the team was established, affiliated and back up and running. To find out more or to join the team please visit Sheffield Seven Hills, or their Facebook page.

Our Aim is to….

  • Establish a sports club and participate in football activities.
  • Develop a safe space for people to enjoy and practice football.
  • Have a positive effect on mental health and wellbeing of all involved.
  • Respect each player, coach, supporter and officials.
  • Develop positive community ties and an image of trust.
  • Help players gain confidence.
  • Help players gain fitness.
  • Develop a support frame work for each player.
  • Raise money for charities.

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