Nathan Gordon

Nathan Gordon

Digital and Communication Manager

Mental health is an issue that affects so many people in our city, and I admire the holistic, strengths-based approach that Flourish takes. I saw an opportunity to leverage my skills and experience to help spread awareness of the services and showcase how Flourish tangibly helps those in need.

I aim to use compelling digital storytelling to connect more people with the resources Flourish provides. My goal is to reduce stigma and cultivate understanding of mental health challenges in a way that empowers both those seeking support as well as the community around them.

Most of all, I’m motivated by the chance to lend my talents to an organisation making such a vital difference in people’s lives. I believe that with strategic communication, we can extend Flourish’s reach and impact even further throughout Sheffield.

My role at Sheffield Flourish varies day-to-day. I assist with collaboration and co-design efforts. Additionally, I handle digital and communications work, supporting Sara, Roger and Rose in these capacities. I also provide general support to Josie in overseeing the wider operations of Sheffield Flourish. No two days are the same, which keeps the work interesting.

The overarching aim of improving quality of life for those in the local community is Sheffield Flourish’s greatest strength. The singular focus of enhancing well-being for people in the area, as Flourish does, is positioned to truly make a difference. By prioritising the needs of our neighbours, Flourish is able to build deep connections and deliver/sign-post services that genuinely empower lives.