Verity Bratley: A Drop of Rain

This beautiful poem is written by Verity Bratley. She wrote this poem in one of the poetry workshops in the Rotherham Flourish course.

heavy rain splashing onto the ground

A Drop of Rain

I come from a dark stormy cloud, threatening the tranquillity around.
Nothing special, insignificant but destructive in my path.
I see the world below. Moving as normal, continuing as normal, being normal.
But I am above this, alone.
Threatening to fall and ruin normality.
Threatening to bring sadness, gloom and disrupt.
Just one final fall and the damage will be done.
I can move of course, take my rain cloud to where it will have no impact.
Where it will be forgotten in a sea of other rain drops.
But always threatening.
Do I stay or go?
Will there be a break in the clouds?
A break to let the sun shine through. To let it cast a warming glow of normality.
No destruction, no impact.

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