Trish Chester: Undercurrent

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The author talks about the tide turning in a once loving relationship - things begin to turn sour but the author finds her inner strength to stand up to the waves crashing around her.

woman floating in water

It seemed calm enough to begin with –
No obviously strong waves,
Or hints of hidden swells.
Able to stay afloat and safe,
I immersed myself in its comforting embrace.

As time went on, breezes appeared,
Each gust creating tiny ripples
Disturbing the established equilibrium.
Initial confusion turned to anxiety as
The ocean subtly began to dictate my experience

Then the winds changed dramatically.
Immense strength and ferocity, interrupted
By unnerving stillness and absence,
Creating inner tension and self-doubt.
Yet I kept swimming, often against the tide

Until one day, the water retreated completely
Becoming unreachable and distant.
Stranded on dry land, I watched and waited,
Praying for it to return, to turn back time
And safely envelop me again.

I was a fool
Hidden from view
The water gathered violent, malicious
Strength and momentum
Never once intended to protect or reassure

The huge wave of venom paused –
Before towering into the ozone
Then raced and raged forcefully towards me
Transfixed and numb
I watched as it intentionally
Aimed for my soul

Suddenly a lifeline
Not in any recognizable form
But within me
Inner strength, stubbornness and determination merged
To shield me from destruction

I stood tall and firm
I built an effective barrier
I witnessed the wave’s recognition
Of MY power

I left the water dripping uselessly
Temporarily weakened by its new
And unanticipated

And I survived

I survived

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