Tom Chapman: These Well-Worn Toys

Tom wrote this beautiful poem at the Rotherham Flourish group, following a short group meditation.

These well worn toys: girl sitting with a crown of fairy lights

These Well-Worn Toys

Let us feel free to speak
and release these well-worn toys.
Here we can share and play
the hide and seek of form.
Let the words from our lips
be conjuring tricks,
imaginary friends and lego bricks.
Let worlds rise and fall
between us with wide-eyed awe
as the tides of sorrow and joy
roll back and forth across the floor.
Let us paddle and dance in this sacred place
before we tidy away once more
these well-worn toys.

Returning to silence,
to silence so pure.

This poem was written during the last Rotherham Flourish course – a new one starts Fri 19th Jan

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