Jo Reah: The Bossy One Fell

Jo wrote this poem while she was in a psychiatric hospital over 12 years ago.

Jo Reah: The Bossy One Fell

The Bossy One Fell

I laughed to-day, O Father when one of the nurses fell,

they said it was inappropriate, I obviously couldn’t be well.

They gave me a nasty needle and locked me up in this cell.

I don’t understand, O Father, why they should put me through hell

when the nice kind social worker said I was here to get well.

I don’t feel like laughing now, Father. I want to get out of this cell,

I need to go to the you know where but I’m frightened to have to yell,

they’ll come with another injection and tell me I’m still not well!

I’m angry with the strange nurses, I’m glad the bossy one fell,

it was my rice pudding he slipped in but none of the patients would tell.

If I eat my meals off the plate tomorrow and avoid the punishment cell,

if I try not to dance on the tables and show them I won’t rebel,

maybe they’ll leave me alone for a bit and give me the chance to get well.

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