Stacey Anderson: Two poems - The Sea & Untitled

Does writing poems help anxiety? It has helped Stacey. Here are two of her powerful poems.

waves landing on a beach

The Sea

I’m on a beach
The warmth on my skin
The sea is far away
I turn
My back is to the sea
I can not see
Its approach from behind
It’s encroaching on me
I’ve forgotten the sea is behind me
The waves get higher
The waves get closer
Before I know it
The waves have engulfed me
I’m drowning
Surrounded by water
I cannot breath
Every breath is suffocating
I fall on the beach
I land with a thud
The sea has dispersed
Moved away to its original position
I’m soaked
Still gasping for air
Coughing hard
I’m drenched to the bone
Soaked to the skin
I’m now fine
But the affects still affect me
The warmth of the sun is back
Makes me confused
How did I survive
Such a hostile take over
It leaves me such a shell
I struggle away
But it’s always there
Haunting me
Ready to pounce
To catch me unawares
To take over
To control me
Please stop
I can only take so much.


I can speak
No-one hears
I have an opinion
No-one hears
What can I say?
If no-one wants to hear
I feel shouted out
Gives me lack of hope
Hope is all I have
It’s mostly keeping me around
Maybe I’m here in a dream?
Maybe I’m someone else?
Maybe it’s just fear?
Maybe it’s anxiety?
Maybe I’m silent?
I’m speaking, how can I be silent?
I’m perceived as ignorant
I’m feeling lost
I must be here
I can hear
All of the voices
Talking, inferring
Disappearing into a trance
Being removed, even though I’m here
I am here
Why do I always need to justify my being?
Why is my voice so quiet?
I’m speaking
I want to be heard.

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