Nikhil: To The Lockdown

In response to Flourish volunteer Cerowyn’s Lockdown Poetry Workshop, Nikhil shares this poem on lockdown, and how lockdown came to understand him.

Empty streets

Through this poem I expressed my feelings about the lockdown. In the poem I talk to the lockdown itself about how I have become desperate, then describe how lockdown came to understand me.

To The lockdown

The next morning, l woke up early. When I went outside, I beheld my entire county.

Everywhere spread a deep silence. Then, I remembered last night the government announced the lockdown.

I walked and walked… and suddenly I stopped… and I looked behind me.

And suddenly a strange voice came, that voice wasn’t any human, not any animal, or any other creature.

And again, I looked over of my back, I saw nothing.

But I felt.

That voice was lockdown.

Then, He said, “You don’t know, today I am.”

I was surprised, and I said: “You came like a lion and fell upon my country. How can I forget you?”

But lockdown is a psychologist. He understood my emotions.

He said: “Don’t become desperate, I listen to humans, who are so hopeful, and see, everyone’s enjoying me, but you aren’t.”

I replied, “I am enjoying you with full sorrow.”

Then, he openly laughed and laughed… At the end of his life.

And I went from there with my long face.

By Nikhil from India, Uttar Pradesh inspired by Cerowyn Browne.

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