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    rolling landscape with light shining through stormy clouds

    Paul Jones: Bandages

    Many thanks to Paul Jones for sharing this beautiful poem with us. Paul is a new member of Rotherham Flourish.

    As I walk this path of time,
    tearing each bandage from
    the healed pain of darkness
    restrained by the invisible,
    walls of societies lure
    arriving at crossroads
    to proceed forward on a path
    mapped out of survival,
    A brief look behind to a trail
    of bandages laid upon the ground,
    each one a cure to the pain,
    A look to my right where I see the
    bright crisp angels that will lead
    to a journey untold or made,
    I lay each piece with care and time
    allowing a path for others to follow,
    my path was always laid,
    I shall make a new
    where no need to bandage the pain.

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