Trish Chester: Warrior

In this poem, Trish Chester powerfully conveys the turning point in fighting abuse.

Alysia Helming quote: Strong women aren’t simply born. We are forged through the challenges of life. With each challenge we grow mentally and emotionally. We move forward with our head held high and a strength that cannot be denied. A woman who’s been through the storm and survived. We are warriors.


Weakened and battled scarred, she whispered to her soul,

Asking, ‘am I willing to tolerate this abuse any longer?’

“Rise up and fight, reclaim yourself” the spontaneous reply

Roared, as it intuitively burst forth from her broken self

Instinctively, she reconnected with her dreams, her goals,

Opened the box containing her long imprisoned self esteem,

Retrieved her concealed independence and freedom, and

Showed the world her true courage and strength …

By Trish Chester

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