Naomi - My Mental Health City

Naomi shares some of her experiences of her mental health journey and what a great mental health city would look like. This film is part of a series of short films where we asked people ‘What could make Sheffield a mental health friendly city?’ to show different perspectives. This was to support the Sheffield Joint Health and Wellbeing Board as part of their in-depth review of mental health and it’s impact on whole health in Sheffield.


Naomi shares her thoughts and feelings about mental health, and how to make the experience of mental health services more person centred.

Topics: stigma around mental health, causing us to not be open and talk; we need a person centred approach, not filling out a survey; quantitate not qualitative; the why’s, behind mental health, not just the measure 1 to 10; damaging for mental health not to be our truest 100% open selves.

Other short films as part of this same work with the Sheffield Joint Health and Wellbeing Board can also be found on our website:

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