'The Landscape of My Heart' & 'By My Side'

Many thanks to Tom Chapman, a member of Rotherham Flourish course, for sharing two beautiful poems.


The Landscape of My Heart

If I could re-map the landscape of my heart,
the endless oceans of slate grey desolation
would be broken by the rising certainty of land,
covered with ancient woods where wisdom whispers
through the leaves and eternity echoes between the trees.
If I could re-map my heart,
there would be no end, just the dancing breeze.


By My Side

Misty eyed, you awaken
While I’m writing in bed.
Curious, I watch
Finite edges startle a fluid mind;
Your eyes innocent
As the promised dawn.
Exquisitely confused and sleepy free
You scan the room
– smiling
When you recognise me.

In these midnight moments
Of silence we meet.
The flicker of eternity rests
Upon your lips
As you drift
Back to sleep.

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