Lacey Nicholls: Yes I'm That Girl

As the Women's Euro 22 reaches it's crescendo we'd like to share a poem about what women's football means to Lacey.

Lacey Nicholls: Yes I'm That Girl

Lacey Nicholls plays football for Sheffield United RTC Under 13s and was inspired to write this poem around the story of women’s football.

Lisa who work’s for Sheffield Flourish was lucky enough to meet Lacey and her Mother Claire at BBC Radio Sheffield on the 6th July. They were attending the Live launch of UEFA Women’s Euros 2022 Tournament, where Sheffield have been playing a massive part by hosting 3 Group games and a Semi-finals match. We all now know who played in that game and won 4-0 of course it was our very own team England “Lionesses”.

Lisa heard Lacey’s poem for the first time at the event and could actually relate to it, being passionate about football herself and playing from a young age – back in the 80’s girls shouldn’t play football. Time’s are changing and given that England are now through to final it only seems right to share Lacey’s poem.

Yes I’m That Girl – My Football Poem

Yes, I’m that girl who plays football, I’m proud of who I am and what I do.
Not only do I play the women’s game, I watch it too.
The women’s game is just insane. We own that pitch, regardless of our fame.
For me, I just love the game, to get out on that field and show how I’m made.
Yes, I’m a girl, I can run; I’ve got fire in my heart, I can tackle, I can play a great part,
I can score and I always give it my all. I am also strong and will prove you all wrong.
To be a part of my team, is like a dream, doing what we love, taking it to the extreme.

Women’s football is here to stay, and I’m proud to be part of it every step of the way.
I watch and learn from the best, to give it my best,
To be a great team player and inspire the rest.
Dedication, passion, hard work and desire, is what describes me and I’ll give it my best, I give it my all and nothing less.
So, let’s get behind THE WOMEN’S GAME screaming, shouting, we don’t care,
We’re just happy to be out there.
I’d rather be playing football than anything I can name, so why not join me in enjoying the women’s game!

Video and photo provided with permission by Claire Nicholls (Lacey’s Mother)

Football is very good way to release stress and you get to socialise and have fun. Here at Sheffield Flourish we also have a women’s team. If you’re over 18 and you’d like to join us, then our Brunsmeer Awareness Ladies practice on Wednesday Evenings 7pm to 8pm at Goodwin Sports centre, Northumberland Avenue.

Contact Lisa [email protected]
Sheffield Flourish Brunsmeer Ladies was successful in the Euros Legacy funding.

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