Geraldine Richards: Rhapsody in Plum & Embracing Nature

From growing her plum tree to cold swimming, Geraldine’s love for nature has improved her wellbeing and mental health.

Geraldine Richards: Rhapsody in Plum & Embracing Nature

Rhapsody in Plum

I had a little plum tree,
Wonder if it’ll bloom?
Waiting, watching, wondering,
Hope it blossoms soon.

I can smell the juicy flesh,
And see the purple skin.
I can sense the joy to come,
From the taste that lies within.

Pink blossoms cry,
Baby plums appear,
Dripping from the tree.
Like little bell shaped tears.

The remembrance of that blossom,
It’s pinkness in the blue
Finally it’s ripening
And being patient too.

I need to be as patient,
Water, nurture, care,
Waiting for that moment,
To begin our love affair.

Open water

Embracing Nature

Cold Water Swimming at Sunrise.
The moment I stepped into the water, I knew I was committed.
The fingers of cold creeping between the layers.
Waiting for the right moment to invite complete iciness in.
Deep breath……wooooah!
Cold grips the torso before the warmth of my body conquers.
My brain tingles with joy.
Wide lazy strokes across the choppy water.
Embracing nature, embracing peace.
Living for the joyous moment, all the senses heightened.
Moorhens dive beneath, swans glide effortlessly.
The clouds tinged with the first pinks and yellows of sunrise welcome the new day.
Tear off wetsuit, scramble into warm dry layers.
The hot coffee creeping down inside, resuscitates and revitalises.
Body and mind buzzing.
Survivor of 5 degrees swim!

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