James Poulter: The Knight of Yesteryear

In this short poem, James Poulter compares the bravery of past knights with a more modern type of courage, equally needed in today’s world.

jousting helmet and glove

In times gone by deeds of great valour and chivalry were performed

The gods looked down with great awe and merriment

To see the noble heroes strike down injustice with sword and lance.

The wicked who abused power were destroyed with much might and fervour,

And the man, so humble, becomes knight, proud and victorious.

Today we see knights without armour and bear the same courage,

Who dispel evil with a torrent that no devil can stay.

Yet we see no blood or severed necks and rolling heads,

But only those with pure vision can see the dark clouds roll away.

As our Lord Jesus Christ shed his life on the cross for our sins,

So too Falun Gong practitioners forbear great suffering in the torture chambers of China.

And we too have our role to play, raising our voices in great song and cheer

As finally the demon Satan is cast out of earth for ever more.

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