Stacey Anderson: Bird

Stacey was sitting upstairs on a bus, going home from attending the Nature and Wellbeing course, which was run by Shirin. She looked up and saw a bird fly past, quite close to the bus. This inspired her to write this poem from the point of view of that bird.

Bird in the sky

High in the sky
Looking around
Enjoying the view
The houses
The hills 
The trees
The people
The sky blue in colour 
Blue as can be
In parts the sky is white
I glide over 
See a bus turning right
Full of people
Who are they? 
Where are they going? 
Can they see me soar? 
Can they see me flying? 
Do they look through the windows? 
To see what’s above 
To see the glory of the landscape 
To see others like me
To see us land
To see a murmuration
To dazzle 
To wonder
As we do our dance 
We exist
Just look around you
You’ll see us fly by
Our feathers flutter
As we glide
Going about our business
Just like the humans
Who look like ants from up here
But are scary when we get close to them

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