Competition runner-up: Make Sheffield Mental Health Famous

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In this competition entry Daisy discusses her ideas on how to make Sheffield a more mental health friendly city. Her propositions include mindfulness classes to help control emotions positively, ans well as lots of simple things that would raise awareness in Sheffield.

former Sheffield steel factory

I would like to make a more mental health friendly Sheffield because I know and want people to know, that other people feel and act differently, which they would benefit with support for. I know that things can be done, but want everyone in this city to know too. Raising awareness of, and creating support for, mental health, will help Sheffield be looked upon in a friendlier way. So, step over stainless steel, we are going to be famous for being a mental health friendly city!

My ideas are quite simple, but could change things massively. I was thinking about having mindfulness lessons for people with a mental health illness, to help them control their emotions when they are going through a tough time; I do mindfulness, but I don’t have a mental health illness, and it really helps me clear my head and focus on the present.

Another idea is to have forums online where people can talk about their illness in a completely free way. This service would mean that individuals might feel they don’t have to keep suffering from a mental illness a secret, and would support them. We could arrange meeting places too where people could talk to others with the same illness, so that they don’t feel like they are the only one with it and they are not suffering alone.

Schools could tell young children (for example, year 2) that some people feel, and act, differently from other people because of a mental illness. That way, if people know about their mental health – and how to manage it – from a young age, they might grow more passionate and want to take action to improve the lives of others. Sheffield could also advertise more jobs that help people with mental illnesses so more adults as well as children are aware of the mental health needs of the city.

I hope you like my ideas to make Sheffield a more mental health friendly city, because I am very passionate at getting my voice heard and helping other people to improve their lives.

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