Tammy Raines: Compassion Convoy

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I first got involved with Recovery Enterprises through the Compassion Convoy, funded by the Sheffield Health and Social Care Trust. The aim of Compassion Convoy is to support wellbeing and understanding of compassion among staff.

The Compassion Convoy idea comes from the work of Professor Paul Gilbert, from the University of Derby. It is about “self compassion”; using a more gentle approach to help staff put together a toolkit to use in their work and personal life. The purpose of this is to make them aware that they are important and valued and not to be too self critical.

Central to this is the understanding of the value and importance of cultivating compassionate and positive behaviour to self and others. There is now growing evidence that cultivating positive behaviour to self and others promotes well-being, health and creativity.

Living with a mental health problem, I have felt isolated and undervalued, but Recovery Enterprises has made me feel “normal” and able to carry out a worthwhile job, which gives a purpose to each and every day. Having been through breakdowns and dark times in my life, it made my Christmas when Managing Director Roz Davies phoned me to tell me that this initiative was going ahead.

Watch this space for more information on the work I’ll be doing! Meanwhile you might find this self-compassion resources helpful:

Six Ways to Wellbeing

Stress Relieving Hand Massage

Three Minute Breathing Space Meditation

What is Emotional Health and Wellbeing



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