Cerowyn Browne: None of it is Futile

Cerowyn's beautiful exploration of the expression of love we show those who are close to us, and the strength that it can give.

drawing of hands embracing a downcast figure

When I was having a really hard time recently two of those very close to me expressed how hopeless they felt. They felt as though little of what they said to support me seemed to work and they just didn’t know how to help. It is true that when I am feeling down it can feel very hard to believe the words of kindness people say to me. However, I know that bit by bit those words do sink in and just knowing they love me enough to want to help is a lifeline. So I wrote a poem to tell those people, and anyone trying to show love to someone who is struggling, that none of what they do or say is futile.

None of it is Futile

I know it may seem futile,
Like I can’t hear all your kindness
Because I’m deafened by self-doubt,
You try to give me water
But I am dying in a drought.

I know it may seem futile,
Like you are helping me to swim
But I’m still drowning,
You try to grab my hand
But somehow I’m still falling.

I know it may seem futile,
I say I feel so isolated
Why can’t I see you’re by my side?
The waves keep crashing over me
And you can’t change the tide.


I promise none of it is futile,
The waves they will keep crashing
But you stop me being swept out to sea,
And just knowing you are by my side
That means the world to me.

I promise none of it is futile,
Although sometimes I start falling
I know you’ll catch me before I hit the floor,
And even when I’m drowning
Your love gives me strength to reach the shore.

I promise none of it is futile,
Because even when I am breaking down inside
Your arms hold me as I fall apart,
And those words of kindness
They do make it to my heart,
none of it is futile

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