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    A bird

    Image is an art work done by Tom Chapman for Rotherham Flourish.

    Suspended There

    This poem is by Tom Chapman who is currently attending the second course of Rotherham Flourish. Tom says the poem was 'inspired by the beautiful people of Rotherham Flourish and the suffering that comes with being human.'

    She gazed completely unphased
    Admired and amazed.
    It was warm
    and she had faith.

    She ventured and searched
    And earnestly perched.
    The branch was prickled.
    But she had faith.

    She yearned and yearned and studiously Learned to be and grow.
    The branch it drooped
    But she had faith.

    She sat and watched, solemn and lost
    Feathered with frost.
    The branch was brittle
    But she had faith.

    The storm it came, the trunk it creaked, Howling fury from above, lonesome leaves whipped away, exposed and naked
    The world it roared;
    You are wrong
    You are wrong
    You are wrong
    This is not the way.

    So as the ice wind blew
    She knew
    She had to let go.
    From a branch no longer her own
    A ragged bundle of faith

    Down and down every branch a blow,
    to wing
    to head
    to heart
    Down and down
    Tossed to and fro
    As the ground came up, the sky fell down,
    A world spun around.

    But suspended there, between faith and fear
    Came a familiar song
    Whispered yet strong;
    Time to fly my little one
    This is not your fate
    A bird is born to fly
    Not to sit and wait.


    Image is an art work done by Tom for Rotherham Flourish.

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