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    Stories by Flourish Admin

    beds in a hospital ward

    On the Edge

    Having a drink problem can happen to anybody. You might think ‘I am not that kind of person, I wasn’t...

    8 min read Recovery

    colourful painting of back to back figures in fetal position

    Reality, check

    By 11.07 AM I am captured, chased, threatened by knives, guns and clichés while tied to a chair with my...

    1 min read Poetry

    blurred image of people moving

    Lucia: Not Quite

    I am not quite anything Today I am not feeling anything. Those emotions seem just out of reach I am...

    1 min read Poetry

    open doors inside a house

    Ryan Bramley: Coming Out

    It’s time to come clean. No, not like that. Not that I haven’t questioned or critiqued my sexuality before…I think...

    2 min read

    A version

    A version

    Sadly, it’s so very fucking true that the needle of shame explodes a hole beneath skin far larger than that...

    2 min read Poetry