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    Anonymous: Parenting and self-harm

    Anonymous: Parenting and self-harm

    This story has a trigger warning

    A member of our community talks honestly about what it’s like to be the parent of a child who self-harms. Trigger warning: self-harm.

    The first time I admitted to myself I was the parent of a self-harmer was when I watched Lisa stand up and share her life story with everyone. I was amazed by how honest and open she was about her life and experiences.

    My daughter has been harming for a while now. I felt myself walking on egg shells. I don’t understand why she does it so I’m scared to approach the problem in case I trigger the thoughts and feelings. It’s hard not knowing how to stop your child being in so much pain or wondering if she wants to end her life.

    Speaking with Lisa, she told me that self-harm isn’t about ending your life – it’s about trying to take back control. I now have a little understanding of harming yourself and why it’s done. As a parent I wish more than anything my daughter didn’t do that to her beautiful self. Wishing doesn’t do anything, so I’ve got to educate myself.


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