Suicide Monologues

Suicide monologues, faces of actors

This year we welcomed Flippin’ Mental Theatre into the fold as one of our community enterprises. The enterprise is led by local writer Kathryn Littlewood, writer of the uniquely funny mental health memoir Cultivating Madcow.

We’re delighted to announce Kathryn’s latest collaboration – Suicide Monologues – will be livestreamed this Saturday at 7pm as part of Sheffield’s Festival of the Mind.

Want to know more? Well here you go:

“The Suicide Monologues are a series of thirteen short films which present the testimonies of people who have been affected by suicide and attempted suicide. The films will be streamed this Saturday, and will be subsequently available to view online.  The project is a collaboration between Kathryn Littlewood, Penny Capper, Charlie Barnes, Dave McClelland, Brendan Stone and others. It was funded by the University of Sheffield, and supported by the mental health charity Sheffield Flourish.   

The monologues are the true stories of a diverse group of people which are voiced in the films by a range of actors including Julian Richings, Cathy Shipton, Ian Reddington, Alice Barlow, Blue Merrick, and Deepak Verma.

The aim of The Suicide Monologues is to challenge stigma around this complex subject, increase understanding, and create discussion.

Please feel free to pass this message on but please note that some viewers may find these films distressing. ”

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