Joining our sessions

This week we welcomed a small group of our community back into our building after a long, long lockdown. It was so wonderful to see old faces in real life!

But we know there are many new faces, of new people, who are struggling with their mental health and want to access our groups. We’re sorry we can’t do bigger groups for now, but we wanted to encourage you to register your interest and let us know if you’d like to come to a group in future:

On the form you can also let us know if you’d like to come to one of our online zoom groups. We’re currently reviewing which groups to keep running, so it’ll be really useful to hear what interests you. We also want to know from the community what you want, so there’s a small space where you can let us know your ideas (and we’ll see what we can do…).

Hope to see you soon, either digitally or in the weird and wonderful world of real life. Any questions, or if you need help filling in the form, please call 0114 273 7009, or email [email protected].

(p.s. wondering why the picture with the ducks?! One of our volunteers popped into the office during lockdown and came across a group of ducks waddling by our city centre building!)

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