Rachel Burton: Afternoon Light

Gorgeous poem by Rachel Burton on finding resilience in her darkest times. Rachel attended our Rotherham Flourish course run by Connected Worlds.

Woman in the countryside in the sun

My name is Rachel Burton. I wrote this poem for anyone facing particularly stressful situations and as a reminder to myself that things are always working out (even when they seem like they aren’t). This insight was born after surviving cancer, a traumatic family event and losing most of our material possessions. Sometimes a life has to burn to the ground so that a better life can be built.

Afternoon Light

Shrug off this darkness, my precious,
and bathe in the afternoon light, let it drip like honey into your soul
and sweeten the bitter imaginings of your mind.

Exist in this place of comfort and knowing
that joy will always find you,
that light will always seep through pain,
that peace is your birthright and love is your very essence.

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