Christl Kettle: Water

‘We all have seasons on this earth--some seasons to flourish in our lives and some to decay.’ Water, beautiful poem by Christl Kettle

low sun shining over a frozen lake

‘Water’ is a meditation on the solitude and quietness that descends on the land with winter snow and ice. Perspectives change as our lives change. We all have seasons on this earth–some seasons to flourish in our lives and some to decay.


Frozen lake spins frosty reflections,
dazzling the sun, moving sleepily
over the changed elements
of clouds, covering life’s soup
Seasons to arrive, melting, merging
to another element.
a radiant scene viewed from afar
but tread lightly on the travelling sun
echoing from Arctic glass
and fear to fracture earth’s landscape,
Wait, wait.


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