Najma Heybe: A Conversation With a Bird

A Conversation With a Bird is a gorgeous poem by Najma Heybe which is relatable to many of us in this strange time.  Najma is currently attending Connected Worlds' The Way I Flourish course.

Bird flying in the sky

Najma Heybe is 26-years old and an aspiring poet. She was born in Somalia and moved to Sheffield with her family when she was 12. Najma currently attends The Way I Flourish course.

A Conversation With a Bird

I am lonely down here
People are all around me, but I am lonely here
would you hold my hand
My nerves rule me refusing me to speak
I see everything I want, but I can’t reach it,
My hand is stretched out
I can feel it with my fingertips
But I can’t grasp it
My nerves stop me on every step

I want to dive deep within me
I want to see all the dark corners
Would you come with me
I am afraid to step out of my shadow
My shadow is pushing me out though
Just imagine being pushed out of your house naked
All eyes on you
Would you hold my hand
Would you take me away.

I want to be carefree like a newborn baby
wander the world like my back garden
meet every kind of humankind
walk bare feet and feed off the trees
I want to climb every mountain
would you show me the way
I am scared of getting lost
Would you navigate us
Would you be my friend?

You admire my ability to fly, and I want your ability to speak
Your mouth is a powerful weapon
A weapon so powerful it awakens
Sleeping souls
your words are heard, please tell me more
your feelings are felt
your silence is disabling you
cutting down your wings
the world weeps
wishing you say something

Stop playing hide and seek with fear
Start seeking and see it hide
Like it was never there
swim with the waves baby girl
form your own friends
I promise to write it all down from birds-eye view.

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