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    Candle in the dark

    Jessica Gibson: Where is Home?

    Where is Home? Is it the house you come back to after work, the place you store your clothes, or somewhere far away? Here, Jess explores what Home means to her, and where she finds it.

    Where Is Home?

    It’s a face
    Not a place
    Home is an inner
    Not outer

    It’s a knowing
    And not knowing
    Of all the people
    At boxing
    On Thursday

    It’s a secret
    Our kept secret
    Of my mishap
    At work
    On Monday

    It’s my Netflix
    Well, your Netflix
    The Netflix you share
    With friends

    It’s my cupboard
    Not full cupboard
    But still, delicious
    Pink Ladies
    To spare

    It’s a WhatsApp
    Not any WhatsApp
    A message to you –
    I miss
    In France

    Home is simply Heart.

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