Jenny Grant: At least I’m sober

Jenny is a rapper who makes music in our Open Door Music Production Group. This light and lyrical poem is about addiction, hope, and there’s a few jaffa cakes in here too.

Jenny Grant: At least I’m sober

Sunday slumped stuffed to brim slobbing on sofa
Join a gym get involved in snobby yoga
Steamy hot bath
Forget to vape
Forget I’m a smoker
Fag in the bath
I’m a joker

But at least I’m sober

Dealer text me saying he’s got banging pures
For one thing I know I’ll end up poor
And my mind not to mention my nose will be bleeding
And sore
Get to bed before it’s ten to 4
Time to rest
Not time to score
Sunday night dealers begging for more
Not for me, positive?
Yeah for sure.
Might be boring…

But at least I’m sober

Cup of tea, three, digestive biscuit
Open the jaffa cakes man I’m a fat git
Get to the gym tmz or even a brisk walk
Can u talk the talk but not walk the walk
I might have big branches but I’m no timid stalk
I might be lazy I might be fat
Clean head, clean hair and skin
But carry bit of weight
Think about that.

But at least I’m sober

God is with me every single day
Even when I’m mingling
Even when I stray
Have faith for the future
Have the belief, euphoria tinging
Don’t forget to pray.
Life may be struggles
Life isn’t over
Just begun
Could be chaos
Could be boring rollercoaster
But don’t forget…

To thank God, you are sober.

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