If I Could Remap My Life

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In this powerful piece Jess Temple highlights the importance of mental health education in schools and how it could make a huge difference in her own life journey. Jess wrote this piece in one of the writing workshops in Rotherham Flourish course.

If I Could Remap My Life

If I could remap my life, I’d gain an understanding of what depression is at an earlier age, so I could tell my teachers and support mentors at school what was really wrong with me. Having that answer would mean so much and less frustration for them, my family and me.
I’d accept that this is something that I’m always going to have to deal with sooner, and begin to learn that the signs get coming back.
I’d learn to accept myself and to stop being my own worst enemy. Accept that people do like me and do enjoy my company, that it’s all just the depression speaking when I feel I’m not included.
I’d learn the ability to separate my own thoughts and my depressed or anxious thoughts quicker. I’d have found it really helpful to remind myself that those thoughts aren’t always from my right mind.
Mostly, I’d make sure to enjoy the good times as they happen – because next time I may not feel what joy is.

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