Ella Donnison: Retreat - Isolation Style!

Ella Donnison offers a creative, structured approach to helping you deal with, and even make the most of, lockdown; a plan that you can adapt to your own circumstances, interests and inclinations.

Retreat living room

Everything at the moment is rather hectic and feels very much out of our control. So I think it’s the perfect time to create a private retreat – a place where we can unwind, read, write and do things that we normally don’t have the time for in our busy lives. We can use the spare time we have to escape, getting away from the worries surrounding us.

Any space will do, from small nooks and crannies to larger and more spacious rooms. Anywhere you feel cosy and safe, a place where you can just relax and unwind. Maybe pick a room where you have a lovely garden view, or place some flowers and plants in the room with you to bring nature inside! Try furnishing the room with your favourite things – candles, books, paper and pens whatever suits you; calm relaxing music may also be a nice touch! At the moment we all need a place to get away and focus on ourselves and this is the perfect opportunity. Every person is unique and each person’s retreat will be different and this makes it more exciting! Here are a few suggestions to consider when finding the right idea for your own personal sanctuary.

A quiet corner for reading. Everyday we read things – signs, newspapers and everything in between but we often don’t get the time to just sit and focus our attention on a good book. Right now we have the time so we should take it as a luxury. Maybe sit in a comfy armchair with a nice brew alongside you for the perfect chance to get lost in a book.

A long soak in the bath. Normally I am in and out of the shower in about five minutes, never really getting the chance for one of life’s most simple pleasures – soaking in a warm bath. Set aside an hour of pure indulgence. Lounge with some soft music and dim lighting where nothing loud and distracting can interfere. Try to create a special atmosphere – light some candles and find some bubble bath – you’ll never want to get out!

Hobbies. Many of us long for time that we can dedicate to something we love like writing. Maybe try to create a place just for that special hobby – use a desk, comfy chair and a big window if possible. Inspiration will flow freely I’m sure. With isolation at the moment and lack of contact with family and friends it might be a nice idea to resurrect the art of letter writing – something we could look back on after this is all over to remind us of such a surreal time.

Get crafty. Maybe try gathering a box of all the things you enjoy like your favourite book or film and favourite chocolate. When isolation gets too much, you can take something from here which will boost your spirits. We could use this opportunity to make a scrapbook – collect things from around your house and get crafty!

Fresh air. A retreat isn’t complete without getting out and about. The outdoors is one of the easy things for us to make use of right now! No matter where you live, whether you have access to hidden countryside paths or more urbanised city walks, getting out in the sun will get the endorphins rushing and clear your mind. It’s a great opportunity to get some vitamin D, play with our furry friends and get some daily exercise! Maybe try setting a new goal and hit 10,000 steps in a day! I’m sure you’ll see things around you that you would never notice on your normal day to day schedule!

A retreat is massively beneficial and is something that is so easy for us all to create for ourselves if you have some spare time. So why not try it out?

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