'Where I am at' Competition: cast your votes!

It's time to cast your votes in our photo competition!

Blank polariods

On January 15th 2018 we’re officially launching the new Sheffield Mental Health Guide website, we’re hoping to add some cheer to what is known as ‘Blue Monday’ – the saddest day of the year.

The new Sheffield Mental Health Guide will make it easier to find out about information, services, events and activities related to mental health issues and mental well being, to celebrate the launch we ran a photo competition called ‘Where I am at’. We asked for one photo and 50 words that sum up what the entrant wants to say about mental health today.

You can now cast your votes below.

We will announce the prizewinner at our launch on January 15th, which is taking place at The Workstation. Details here:

The winning entry will be given one of Sheffield’s own wonderful Buddy Boxes, and their photo will be used on the front of a report about our relaunch.

We’ll be showing all the entries at the launch. Where possible we’ll also use the photos on our website in the future, helping us build a more meaningful and representative website.

Autumn leaves

I’ve always hated fall. Each year I saw September coming with shorter days and colder evenings, a doomsday sign of the winter to come. Nature’s death. This year I took pleasure in the vibrancy of autumn colours and the foggy evenings. Quiet uncertainty. Nature resting before spring. A metaphor for my mental health.

Anne Sophie Cornelius



When life gets difficult, or I feel restless, I walk. Walking has taught me to use my senses and notice the world around me. This photograph, of scented roses in full bloom on a sunny, late summer day, was taken on one such walk. A moment of pure pleasure preserved.

David Edwards


James with giant parsnips

One of the first major steps I took towards learning how to better manage my mental health, was to join the Oasis Gardening project, run by Sheffield Flourish. Being close to the earth, in good, understanding company, helped me rediscover parts of myself that I love and cherish. As the plants grew, so did I.

James Poulter


Sunset over trees

Coming home from a friend’s funeral the beauty and splendour of the sky lifted my spirits, soothed my soul, gave peace to my mind and opened my heart to the possibility of love, peace and joy being present in this world.

Juliet Elaine Mcdonald


Supermoon and a church with 'hope' written on it

A bit of a last minute entry as I’ve been feeling so low recently. I took this picture one night recently when there was a supermoon. I was drawn to the words on the church – ‘hope’ so I call my photo hope in the darkness.

Liz Davies


Fountains at peace gardens

This is a photo of the water fountains at the peace gardens in sheffield. The reason why I have chosen this photo is because when I am there it helps me to relax and use my calming techniques for my mental health as I find free flowing water relaxing image.

Mary Bottomley


Faces in different colours

There are different sides to every person, multi hued personalities are abundant and should be nurtured and embraced

Michael Sherratt



After years of hiding my mental health issues from family and friends, even in denial to myself, 2017 made me realise how much support there is actually out there.  At 31, and now with a diagnosis, I am on the road to managing my condition and have more support than I ever realised. I live my life through my mums words to me when she found out I was struggling – “No man is an island”.


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