Carol Whiteley: Head Held High

This lovely poem by Carol Whiteley makes you smile.  Head Held High is written from the point of view of a sunflower.

Sunflower with head held high

Carol Whiteley was born in Sheffield. She is semi-retired and has 9 grandchildren. Carol is exploring creative writing and aspires to become a poet. She attends Connected Worlds‘ ‘The Way I Flourish course’.

Head Held High

Here I stand a majestic giant
Feet firmly planted in the ground
Eyes all seeing panoramic
And ears that hear all sounds.

I come from the land of the living
Following the direction of the sun
Observing life around me
Dancing in the breeze till the day is done.

Did you see my broad sunny smile
The hope of better things to come
Recording your every action
Absorbing your energy like a sponge.

Imagine if I was to share
What I learned over the summer
Film producers would clamour
To get a scoop and discover.

All I know and was able to see
As you scurried about your daily business
Looking left and right unaware of me
Watching you like CCTV.

Carol Whiteley
5th November 2020

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