Cerowyn Browne: Cry Baby

Cerowyn Browne’s cartoon, based on her poem, eloquently depicts the difference between sadness and depression.

Cry baby logo
Cerowyn looking sad
There are days when I am sad
Cerowyn and the blue ghost of sadness
There is me, and there is sadness
Cerowyn and the blue ghost of sadness are  on the sofa. She asks 'What's up?'
We sit side by side, and if I ask politely
The blue ghost replies 'I'm worried about grandma'
Sadness tells me why they came
Cerowyn is crying, and she has turned completely blue, like the ghost
There are other days when I am sadness
Blue Cerowyn starts to fall to the ground crying
There is me, and I am sadness
Blue Cerowyn is on the floor, crying 'Why?'
I lie on the ground and however politely I ask
Blue Cerowyn's face shown up close crying
I have no answer to why I am here
The full cartoon strip

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