Becky Mairi Farrell: Making Work Work

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Becky Mairi Farrell writes about her new online business and how she got started

Becky's artwork

For a long time I have wanted to return to work but I haven’t been able to see how to do so whilst managing my mental health conditions. Now, thanks to Permitted Work and some creative thinking, I have set up my own online business at

Becky's artwork

Permitted Work allows me to work for up to 16 hours a week while remaining on ESA (Employment and Support Allowance) so that I can try out working part time and see how it goes. Even so, there are many types of work that would be beyond my ability to manage. Working from home and having flexible working times are, I hope, what will make running possible.

I am an artist and writer and I create and sell artworks and resources that help people to grow and share their faith, hope and love. This includes art on both Christian and more broadly spiritual
themes, as well as meditation packs and colouring packs. I am about to extend my range of products via to include T shirts, mugs, notebooks, clocks and more, all featuring my artwork.

People say that they find a lot of hope in my drawings, which combine colour and words to create meaningful art which will engage your emotions. I hope you will visit my shop and subscribe to my blog. And, of course, I hope you will buy my products!

Becky's artwork

I have been helped in my slightly daunting endeavour to set up my own business by workshops and a mentor at Business Sheffield, which is a Sheffield City Council run service free to anyone wanting to set up a business. They offer all sorts of workshops on how to set up and run a business, whatever area your initial idea comes from. There is also a wealth of free resources online and, if you’re prepared to put in the time and learning, there are many free or cheap options for creating your own website.

There is also help available from Access to Work, who can offer support and adaptations in the workplace.

I hope that you will come and visit my shop. I also hope that my story inspires you to think creatively about work. A year ago I would not have believed that I would be working now, and here I am. Mental health conditions don’t have to be the end when it comes to work.

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