Mini-zine making session

On April 25th we co-hosted an event with the fantastic Free Hand Creative. We asked people to describe what makes them feel better (or  their 'medication') through the medium of tiny magazines. We'd like to share how the event went!

Megan at the session

Free Hand’s sessions always involve something strange, exciting or different – from making glittery slime to sound art. The workshops are always relaxing because it doesn’t matter  if you’ve never done anything creative before, it’s just about having fun…

This week’s session was no exception.

We picked up a mammoth amount of craft supplies from the Free Hand studio and set off for the venue through the hail and rain.

We were holding the workshop at Mugen Tea House, a lovely place that feels a bit like a front room (cosy, casual, warm  – everything you need when spring is pretending to be winter!).

First things first, we started making the magazines themselves. Zine is short for magazine, but zines are often a bit more rough around the edges,  a bit more adventurous, and can be a lot more fun. Zines are usually A5 sized,  but you can easily  make a mini zine using just one piece of A4 paper.  As  you can see:

Instruction for making mini zines

Next we started thinking about the theme, and  talking about the different things that make us feel better. It was a lovely safe feeling environment to share our thoughts.

We used old leaflets and flyers, patterned tape, stick on gems, cut out card, crepe paper, marbled paper and more. I  noticed it’s much easier to make something when it’s small like a mini zine; I only had to fill in a certain amount of pages which meant it was a lot  more relaxing!

At the session

What came out of the session? We’ll be posting photos of the mini zines in May. In the meantime, we recommend you head on over to Free Hand’s next session.

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