Amy Rollitt: January Blues

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We started this week with ‘Blue Monday’ – known as the saddest day of the year. Amy reflects on January blues; are they real, or are they a myth?

daisy in ice

January blues, is it real or is it just a myth?  This year more than others I believe it is very real.  The big come down after Christmas, back to normality.  I can’t even say I miss Christmas this year like I usually do.  I have made plenty of plans for the next few months, so I have plenty to look forward to.  Everything is going so well for me at the moment.  Christmas was better than I expected, my health isn’t to bad, I volunteer for The Sheffield Royal Society for the Blind, so they are always keeping me busy and my mind occupied.  I am really really happy, and I know I am.  But the last few weeks I just can’t seem to feel it.

How can you feel down when there is nothing wrong?  It doesn’t make sense.  There is absolutely nothing bothering me or stopping me from being happy.  But I just can’t seem to do it.  I have had a few good days but as soon as I feel up I come back down again.  I wouldn’t go as far as saying depressed, just down.  I want to cry and get rid of it all but I can’t, I have tried.  I have tried different things to make me feel better, sleeping, singing, shopping, keeping busy, I just haven’t got the energy.  I feel physically drained and rubbish.  I feel really restless, I want food to make me feel better, but I don’t feel like eating and I don’t know what I want.  I want to have a lazy day, but I want to keep busy.  I want to keep busy, but I haven’t got the energy. I want fresh air but then I get cold, I put the heating on but then it’s to stuffy and I feel sick.  I just don’t know what I want!

The short, dull, wet days do not help at all.  I think they really effect my mood.  I can’t wait for Spring to come.  It is my favourite season.  I love all the daffodils and tulips and the first warm, sunny day of the year.

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