Abs: Depression, It Was Really Bad

Abs tells of her experiences with depression, and how physically draining it can be.

Abs sitting on her bed

“I have depression, and a few years ago it was really bad. There was a time when I got off the bus after a long day of work and I felt like I couldn’t even walk from the bus stop to my house. I wanted to scream and felt like I was having to physically pull myself forward to walk, and that no one around me could see me struggling. I had a lot going on at the time which added to the difficulty, but I don’t think people talk about how physically draining having depression is, and what toll it can take on your body. It was really really difficult, and in that moment this song came to my head.”

Written and performed by Abs, produced by Molly Clark

Abs has more music in Instagram & Spotify.

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