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    Rotherham Flourish group portrait

    Connected Worlds

    Connected Worlds run storytelling and art-based courses to connect people and provide a creative space for them to tell and transform their stories of everyday life.

    Rotherham Flourish group portrait

    Connected Worlds is one of the excellent community enterprises supported by Sheffield Flourish.

    Informed by storytelling techniques used in Storying Sheffield, Connected Worlds run art-based  courses to connect people and provide a creative space for them to tell and transform their stories of everyday life.

    We run courses in Sheffield and Rotherham.

    The project helps build meaningful connections, solidarity, and a sense of community for people from different backgrounds.

    Rotherham Flourish

    Rotherham Flourish is one of the courses offered by Connected Worlds, and runs twice a year in Mowbray Gardens library. During the 10-week course we use  poetry, drawing, painting, and creative writing  to help participants explore what ‘flourish’ means to them. At the end of each course, participants’ works are displayed in an exhibition in Mowbray Gardens library and published on the Sheffield Flourish website. Our first poetry anthology, Flourish: Visions and Voices from Rotherham, was published in 2018.

    You can find us on Twitter @Flourishro 

    This short film was made during the second course of the project:

    And this film was also made during one of the courses:

    Read some beautiful writing about Rotherham Flourish here:

    Rotherham Flourish is a collaborative project between Sheffield Flourish and Mowbray Gardens library. The project has been funded by Rotherham City Council, Esh Communities and Lotto Awards for All.

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