Oasis need your help!

Oasis is a gardening group where people of  all abilities can get together, learn to grow, chat, and be in nature. Recently Oasis have even been eating the fruits of their labour together, having lovely soups and stews made from the vegetables they’ve grown. The lovely community at Oasis is thanks to Sheffield Health and Social Care  (SHSC), who have given us land for free since the project started. Sadly SHSC are moving on next year, and we’re now looking for a space for Oasis to move to.

We know there are lots of gardening projects in different parts of the city, like the wonderful Sage Greenfingers, so for this reason we’d really like to stay in the West of Sheffield.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  1. Somewhere in the West or South-west side of Sheffield, potentially between Hillsborough and Meersbrook.
  2. Near a bus or tram route.
  3. At least 20x30m or bigger.
  4. Access to toilet and hand-washing facilities or ability to build one.

And here’s the benefits we bring:

  1. We’ll transform the space into a community project full of life
  2. We’ll bring community spirit to the location with a friendly and supportive group of volunteers and participants
  3. We’ll be able to continue supporting people living with mental health conditions to do rewarding work
  4. We’d love to be able to connect with new organisations or community groups, creating new partnerships


‘Oasis has helped me feel more positive after several episodes of clinical depression’

We can afford roughly the cost of an allotment, but we’d prefer to find some land which is easier to access than an allotment, and which still allows us to sell the food we grow (raising money for the charity).

Do you know of a site which might fit this bill? Or do you have a friend you can ask? Please help! Let us know by emailing [email protected].

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