Tomekah George

Tomekah George

Team Administrator

I first heard about Sheffield Flourish in 2021 through an art project in collaboration with SADACCA. As a Sheffield newbie, the art project introduced me to the Wicker and the wider community based here, which included the inspiring work at Sheffield Flourish.

I enjoy working for Sheffield Flourish as I’ve always wanted to work in a supportive environment with a close-knit team collectively trying their best to make a genuine difference in people’s lives.

As the administrator, my role allows me to see this first-hand by being the first point of contact for a range of people using our services.

Despite being here only a short time, the supportive culture and environment at Flourish have helped me be much kinder to myself, which has improved my mental health.

Alongside Flourish, I work as a freelance artist on books, animation and art workshops.