Sara Sanderson

Sara Sanderson

Information Coordinator

Over time I became less and less connected with communities in Sheffield, especially since 2020. I wanted to get out from behind my laptop at home, meet new people and be more involved in community activity centred around having fun and well-being. Sheffield Flourish sounded the perfect place for this.

I’m part of the digital team providing up-to-date information via the mental health guide about the services, resources and groups available in Sheffield that are mental health friendly or specifically support people with their mental health. We also post information and engage with our members across social media.

I like the relaxed and down to earth nature of the charity. It’s a friendly team providing a friendly service that champions peoples’ strengths and gifts helping people to flourish (pun intended).

Working two whole days a week is new to me so I’m having to be more organised and keep my diary up-to-date. I have a habit of double booking myself, so hoping to avoid that!

I’m looking forward to seeing how working at Flourish supports my well-being and enables me to use my gifts in new ways. I’m excited to be out of a long period of hibernation.