Lisa Thompson-Cox

Lisa Thompson-Cox

Community Engagement and Volunteer Co-ordinator

My name is Lisa Thompson-Cox and I’ve been working as the Volunteer Co-ordinator for Sheffield Flourish since May 2016.

My role involves recruiting, supporting and supervising other volunteers through their own journeys with the community.

My experience of becoming involved with Sheffield Flourish has had a long build up as I have been involved in the voluntary sector for 10 years now. I worked first as a Volunteer Community Health Champion for 2 years and then as the Project Coordinator for the community Health Champions project until it ended in 2016. I’ve always been passionate about Mental Health and so when this job came up, I applied and well I got it! I was very pleased as it gave me the opportunity to remain working in an area I want to make a difference in, as I have lived experience of mental health in both crisis and recovery. I am still recovering and proof that at all stages of our mental health journey we can make a difference in our community by sharing our stories.

There are many things I enjoy about working with Sheffield Flourish but I’ve particularly loved being part of a small team, who have very different life journeys, and who are passionate about the work we do. I also love seeing the look on people’s faces when we introduce Sheffield Flourish to them.  They read or look at the many different stories and they themselves can relate to the story; for that minute, they realise they are not alone. I know we are doing something right at Sheffield Flourish, and that what makes my job so rewarding.

My role has had a significant effect on the rest of my life as I have always shared my own story but along the way lost a little control of it. Through working here, I am now taking back control of my story and I have a 5 year goal, which Sheffield Flourish will help me to achieve. This is the first time in 10 years since my own breakdown that I have been able to set a 5 year goal. So this role has been incredibly empowering for me personally, and continues to be.